AUSTRAL company produces plastic products-using injection molding system since 1995 when we established.

We provide services to various companies in the automotive, packaging, medicine industry, transport, etc. Due to our long experience and investing in technology and development, our team can fulfill all your requirements.

AUSTRAL company, offers (production) space, machines of different sizes, professional staff, warehouses and guaranteed quality products which our customer orders. Our company respects agreed delivery dates. We work with the tools of our clients, but we are able to produce our own tools, where we cast items that our customers order. We can arrange the transport of finished products from our company to the desired location, or it can be oganised by our client.

We have introduced IML technology into the production process and we also have a line for extruding plastic profiles.

AUSTRAL Company is located in Stara Pazova, which is the center of the plastic industry in our country. Our location has great advantages because it is near Nikola Tesla airport and highways. It takes only half an hour to get to Belgrade.

From a small company, we have, over time, developed into medium-sized company.